What do you need to know about phishing?

Popular phishing techniques

  • Vishing (voice phishing) is a type of voice fraud. For example, you may receive a call from a financial institution’s security service that informs you about a suspicious activity detected on your account. During the conversation, the necessary information is fished out from the person.
  • Smishing (SMS phishing) is a type of SMS fraud. The text of such messages often contains a notification about the blocked account, assets’ theft, or an attempt to hack the account.
  • E-mail phishing is the most common form of identity theft. In this case, the user receives an e-mail letter informing about manipulations, problems with the account, or offering to pass a test for some reward.
  • Search engine and social media phishing. These types involve placing a fake website in search results, and in social media involves sending private messages on behalf of an “official” account or tagging you in posts.

What pretexting techniques do scammers use to steal your data?

  1. Service e-mails. In such a notification, you will be asked to update the information on the website, offered to test a new function with mandatory authorization, told about new services, and offered to go to the website to find out how they work.
  2. Security alert messages about theft, the hacked account, unauthorized transactions. They differ from the first type in content — in this case, the psychological pressure feels far more intense.

How to protect yourself from phishing?

What actions have we been taking to protect you?

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the Security tab.
  3. Find the Anti-Phishing section.
  4. Click the Enable button and enter the code you made up.
  5. Click “Save”.
  • technical letters (withdrawal of funds and replenishment of the balance, WhiteBIT Codes, password change) come from the whitebit.com domain;
  • promotional emails (educational content, new listings) are sent from the whitebit.promo domain.



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