Learn How to Read Crypto Price Charts

What is a crypto price chart?

The main crypto chart indicators

  1. Numerical indicators display an asset’s maximum and minimum price for a certain period. Besides, the opening indicator shows the asset’s price of the first deal, while the closing indicator shows the price of the last deal for a specific period.
  2. Ticker is the official name of an asset. For example, BTC is the ticker for Bitcoin.
  3. Trend line is a tool used by traders to determine the direction and magnitude of the trend for any asset.
  4. Trading volume is the total amount of cryptocurrency sold over a given period.
  5. The support line is an imaginary line that shows that the cryptocurrency will not fall below this line.
  6. The resistance line determines the maximum price that the asset can reach.

The types of crypto charts

  • line charts;
  • bar charts;
  • candlestick charts.

Line charts

A line chart on WhiteBIT

Candlestick charts

  • the growing green candlestick indicates that the opening price was lower than the closing price;
  • the decreasing red candlestick shows that the opening price was higher;
  • doji is a candlestick with no body. It indicates that the opening and closing prices are the same or close to the same.
The candlestick chart

Bar charts

The bar chart

To conclude



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