Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine: Your Cryptocurrency Can Save Lives

On the 24th of February 2022, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, which resulted in multiple civilian casualties and a real humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities were destroyed in the first two weeks of the war, 61 hospitals were put out of action, and 211 schools were damaged.

WhiteBIT and its partner WhitePAY aim to help overcome the emerging humanitarian crisis. We have already sent $1 000 000 for humanitarian aid to Ukraine and organized a charity fundraiser in cryptocurrency. Thanks to our users’ responsiveness, over $2 000 000 has been collected and transferred to aid funds through the WhitePAY charity platform during the war.

How you can help Ukraine

Each of you can support the people of Ukraine by donating to one of these funds in any of 50+ cryptocurrencies or with a bank card:

  1. Humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war.

Even the smallest contribution means saved lives and the safety of Ukrainians.

Praying for peace,

WhiteBIT Team



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