😝 HODL & Win with ZAMZAM continues 😝

The 4th round of our activity with Zamzam Token is on! Follow a few simple steps and fight for $1000 👇

✔️ Sign up on our exchange if you haven’t yet;

✔️ Deposit or buy at least 300 000 ZAMZAM. You can also participate if you already have this amount of the balance.

✔️ HODL ZAMZAM on your Balance during the whole round.

4th round duration: from the 1st till the 26th of May

4th round reward: $1000* (in ZAMZAM)

Winners: 1

*at the 1st of May 2022 rate


📌 Every day you hold at least 300 000 ZAMZAM on the balance gives you +1 chance to receive a prize.

📌 Each additional 300,000 ZAMZAM on the balance gives +1 chance to win every day you hold this amount on the balance.

📌 ZAMZAM tokens must be on the Main or Trade balance. The tokens with an “in order” status do not count as eligible.

📌 To control the process, we will take snapshots of the balances every day.

Learn all the details in our article. To the victory!

WhiteBIT Team



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