🔸C98 token, serving both as governance and utility token, powers the entire Coin98 Ecosystem.

🔸Deposits and withdrawals of C98 are available in the BSC network.

🔸The token is paired against USDT.

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It’s no secret that storing crypto is different from holding fiat money. However, just like bank accounts in the traditional financial industry, crypto wallets play a critical role in protecting assets and personal data. Moreover, a crypto wallet is the first thing that novice traders and investors face when they get to know the crypto universe.

This article will figure out what a cryptocurrency wallet is and what types of wallets there are.

What is a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a tool or software that is used to interact with the blockchain network. The primary purpose of such wallets, as one might guess…

We’re thrilled to announce that WSD, the WhiteSWAP Protocol governance token, is now live on TRON Mainnet!

WSD will be listed on WhiteSWAP (TRC-20) on July 28, 2021, at 14:55 (UTC/GMT+0).

  1. WSEDAO burning mining beta testing will take place during July 22–28. All unmined WSD will be sent to the black hole address before August 1st (23:30 UTC/GMT+0) due to the burning rules. After that, the WSD destruction cycle will be once every 24 hours.
  2. The genesis mint is 21,031,000 WSD.
  3. 31,000 WSD will be destroyed after the launch, and WSD total supply will be restored to 21,000,000.
  4. CLR burning test data will be cleaned up.
  5. WSD staking pool goes live in August.

WSD destruction address: TVuxKytyhFQzBWvhxHYnUQAcMpkedk3j79
CLR destruction address: TVuxKytyhFQzBWvhxHYnUQAcMpkedk3j79

For 12 years now, the interest in Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, has been gradually increasing. And not only the interest but also the skepticism about its stability and reliability. The distrust of something new is a common and logical practice, but is it justified? Let’s try to figure out the patterns of growth/fall of the Bitcoin rate, how it is backed, and whether the possibility of depreciation is real due to the ambiguous nature of this crypto.

Bitcoin vs. Fiat

The main difference between fiat money (USD, EUR, UAH, etc.) and Bitcoin is their origin. There is no institution behind Bitcoin that…

WSEDAO is a decentralized yield farming platform that enables users to seamlessly manage, optimize, and deploy their assets to get the best returns across protocols.

We are pleased to announce that the mining pools that use CLR to mine WSD will launch starting July 22 (UTC 00:00) to July 26. The specific rules are as follows:

1. The total supply of WSD issued is 21 million. Except for 940,000 WSD used to provide initial liquidity and late compensation, all other WSD are mined by burning CLR; the size of the mining pool is 9.22 million WSD, 1.98 million WSD and…

✔️ HZM is an ERC-20 utility token created for safe, convenient, and accessible transactions.

✔️ HZM cooperates with organizations that fight poverty, hunger, racial discrimination & climate change.

✔️ HZM is paired against USDT. Wait for the Bounty, AMA, Trading competition and two SMART Staking plans.

Enjoy one week of fee-free trading!

WhiteBIT Team

🔹 OCTA is an auto yield & liquidity smart contract.

🔹 OCTA is paired against DECL. Check out our video about DECL here.

🔹 A Bounty, AMA, and two SMART Staking plans are expected soon.

Trade fee-free for 1 week!

WhiteBIT Team

◾️ Fair Safe is an auto-staking, deflationary and decentralized community token.

◾️ It aims to evolve and adapt to technology. Fair Safe plans to provide a space for new crypto users to learn about Blockchain, De-Fi, and NFT’s.

◾️ FSAFE is paired against DECL. Check out our video about DECL here.

◾️ A bounty campaign, AMA & SMART Staking plans are coming soon.

Enjoy 0-fee trading for 1 week!

WhiteBIT Team

Have you ever thought of a possibility to purchase the scene of capturing the “sticky bandits” from Home Alone? Or, for example, buy Ross’s phrase “We were on a break!” from the legendary TV series Friends? Thanks to blockchain technologies, it has become a reality, and such a purchase can, in fact, be made with NFT tokens.

NFT is a relatively new phenomenon, and not everyone can understand its essence. This is not a coin or an ordinary token issued by developers.

A non-fungible token is a unique asset that cannot be replaced with a token of the same kind…

✔️ ERS is a revolutionary token in the P2P cryptocurrency payment world, aiming to create a strong & successful crypto community.

✔️ ERS offers a sustainable economy that produces, manages, sends & receives large amounts each & every second.

✔️ ERS is paired against BTC.

✔️ ERS users can earn passive income through staking and running a node on the ERS network.

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WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange platform. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us!

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