Ready to impress people with your sixth sense? We are launching a Crypto Oracle activity with StarSlax (SSLX), which requires very little to participate:

👁‍🗨 predict SSLX price in 48 hours in a Twitter thread within 24 hours after we add the asset;

👁‍🗨 hold SSLX on your balance;

👁‍🗨 fill out the form.

Hurry up to participate in the activity from the 15th to 16th of August (till 12:15 p.m. UTC). A couple of clicks, and you are already competing for 31 750 SSLX 🤑

📌 10 participants, whose forecasts will be closest to the real asset price, will share the prize pool.

Unleash your supernatural powers and be one of the 10 lucky ones!

WhiteBIT Team



You can do that in our new activity, where you can comment on the posts about crypto assets and get rewarded. Share interesting facts or your interaction experience with them & compete for a share of $300!

How to participate?

✔️ Sign up on our exchange if you haven’t yet.

✔️ Verify your identity.

✔️ Follow us on Twitter.

✔️ Leave a comment under any post about new tokens on Twitter.

✔️ Fill out the form.

Duration: from the 12th of August (11 a. m. UTC) till the 22nd of August (2 a.m. UTC)

Prize pool:$300

Winners: 30

We will determine 30 random winners on the 25th of August and send out the rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days after that.

Good luck!

WhiteBIT Team



Passive income is not a myth. Our SMART Staking plans prove this every time. By the way, Zamzam Token (ZAMZAM) is back with some great options!

Choose what’s best for you:


Duration: 30 days

Interest rate: 2%


Duration: 90 days

Interest rate: 7%


Duration: 180 days

Interest rate: 15%

Pick a plan and profit!

WhiteBIT Team



¡Gracias por unirse a nuestro sorteo SMART por abrir planes de ingresos pasivos USDT! Descubre si ganaste aquí: py***3@gmail.com gr***f@gmail.com ho***9@gmail.com ni***5@gmail.com ro***3@gmail.com al***8@gmail.com zo***y@gmail.com wi***e@gmail.com ca***e@gmail.com bl***r@ukr.net ki***8@gmail.com se***s@gmail.com ar***8@gmail.com na***9@gmail.com j***7@gmail.com fu***k@protonmail.com wm***n@gmail.com r.***v@i.ua re***8@gmail.com 06***a@gmail.com ar***a@gmail.com ma***9@gmail.com ke***2@protonmail.com ph***8@gmail.com al***5@gmail.com de***t@gmail.com Ak***8@gmail.com sv***0@gmail.com ol***h@gmail.com pl***r@gmail.com bo***8@gmail.com ar***1@icloud.com se***3@gmail.com Va***0@gmail.com vl***k@gmail.com sh***a@gmail.com st***1@gmail.com ma***5@icloud.com mu***6@hotmail.com cr***r@gmail.com ho***r@gmail.com sl***p@gmail.com zz***z@gmail.com vl***h@gmail.com pe***9@gmail.com ma***0@gmail.com zn***2@gmail.com pr***m@gmail.com du***4@gmail.com ry***4@gmail.com to***a@ukr.net ya***9@gmail.com ya***n@gmail.com va***2@gmail.com ca***e@mail.ru go***d@gmail.com mo***o@gmail.com q0***9@gmail.com ve***y@gmail.com s.***o@ukr.net ma***p@gmail.com ar***n@gmail.com al***g@gmail.com el***6@ukr.net pa***k@gmail.com De***0@gmail.com eu***b@gmail.com pe***t@ukr.net Ni***7@gmail.com ma***7@gmail.com os***r@gmail.com al***n@gmail.com do***h@gmail.com va***a@gmail.com Vo***6@ukr.net su***a@gmail.com st***v@gmail.com an***8@gmail.com ol***s@gmail.com je***2@gmail.com st***o@gmail.com kr***a@ukr.net bo***s@gmail.com ar***8@gmail.com ma***o@gmail.com ts***s@gmail.com da***i@gmail.com ki***0@gmail.com go***s@gmail.com ru***n@icloud.com a.***y@gmail.com i.***2@gmail.com to***r@gmail.com ma***m@gmail.com aa***7@gmail.com wh***0@protonmail.com vt***2@gmail.com bo***1@gmail.com an***k@gmail.com de***2@gmail.com mx***o@yahoo.com ad***o@gmail.com ol***m@gmail.com kr***3@gmail.com bo***e@gmail.com ol***l@gmail.com ar***m@gmail.com ro***7@gmail.com sk***a@protonmail.com da***2@gmail.com us***5@protonmail.com an***0@gmail.com cr***5@gmail.com 3t***2@gmail.com yu***7@gmail.com 25***5@gmail.com 19***e@gmail.com an***i@gmail.com si***y@gmail.com fr***4@gmail.com sp***e@gmail.com ad***0@gmail.com ap***5@gmail.com ba***k@gmail.com gg***3@gmail.com ro***l@gmail.com ev***v@gmail.com dd***t@gmail.com as***o@gmail.com iO***v@gmail.com ds***p@gmail.com ta***t@gmail.com za***3@gmail.com ne***a@icloud.com ju***5@gmail.com S***0@gmail.com ma***n@gmail.com tu***t@gmail.com di***g@icloud.com lu***5@gmail.com ne***d@gmail.com Ro***y@gmail.com ol***v@gmail.com ki***y@gmail.com ko***8@icloud.com na***s@gmail.com so***6@gmail.com mi***o@gmail.com fn***y@gmail.com te***1@gmail.com pa***h@yahoo.com ar***4@gmail.com yo***a@gmail.com ls***2@gmail.com ol***1@gmail.com iv***7@gmail.com ar***0@gmail.com fa***k@yandex.ru za***8@gmail.com em***1@gmail.com la***p@ukr.net kp***6@yahoo.com ma***9@gmail.com bu***2@gmail.com dv***2@gmail.com wh***t@skpy.biz su***a@gmail.com ga***6@gmail.com de***o@gmail.com ta***k@gmail.com ar***9@gmail.com so***a@protonmail.com eu***k@icloud.com ne***7@gmail.com m_***n@ukr.net Ba***1@gmail.com ig***k@gmail.com ba***9@gmail.com al***6@gmail.com ch***s@gmail.com ko***u@live.ru ma***7@gmail.com ve***5@gmail.com mo***y@gmail.com mo***2@gmail.com kl***8@gmail.com ar***i@gmail.com ma***5@gmail.com i***t@gmail.com se***y@gmail.com al***0@gmail.com ba***r@gmail.com No***e@gmail.com ni***n@gmail.com bb***t@gmail.com bi***4@gmail.com sa***7@gmail.com la***k@ukr.net ga***e@gmail.com vo***c@gmail.com…

🤩 Encuéntrate en la lista 🤩
🤩 Encuéntrate en la lista 🤩


🔸 Celo is a proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystem focused on increasing crypto adoption among smartphone users.

🔸 CELO is a native token used for transaction fees, governance participation, and related activities.


Search more on the project website and in the White paper.

Let the new crypto bring you cosmic profit!

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